Wednesday, 19 November 2014

T-Rocket Sandals: Home

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T Rockets™ are a range of handmade sandals to suit the athletic pursuits of passionate runners, walkers and other leisure seekers. The T Rocket™ range has been developed by Andrew Barnes in South Africa. All models have been vigorously tested in harsh local conditions giving rise to a sandal that is now enjoyed and appreciated by enthusiasts around the world. Each sandal is handcrafted using meticulous attention to detail.

T Rockets­™ incorporate several unique features including class leading footbed grip, weight saving unique "banana" cut, 3 way fully adjustable lacing, dual compound polyurethane soles and also removable or exchangeable soles. 

We argue that sandal running should be embraced by all as a training option that is integrated with your regular schedule. An occasional "sandal" session is sure to help both form and physique.